Crown River Customer Testimonials


Thank you so much for your kind words below and for helping us pull this champagne cruise off! Immediate feedback from our guests is that it was a huge success, everyone seemed in great spirits on the boat (and no one fell in the water, despite the buckets of bubbly that was consumed J).

A BIG THANK YOU also to the team serving drinks on the boat – things got really hectic (it was a thirsty crowd!), but they handled it with a smile on their faces and good sense of humour.

Thanks again a million for all your help!

Regards, Marie Jensen
Finance Manager UKI | Business Planning & Control EMC
EMC Computer Systems (UK)

Park Primary School

Hi Don,

Just wanted to thank you and your team for a fabulous trip. The children (and staff) of Park Primary School thoroughly enjoyed their journey up to Westminster.
Once again – Many Thanks.

Sue Britton
Park Primary School

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line

Dear Don

I am writing to you on behalf of the Mid-Surrey Link of Chernobyl Children’s Life Line to thank you, and your staff, for all you did in assisting with the visit of our group of visiting children on board one of your river cruises this summer.

The children had a fabulous time by all accounts and enjoyed seeing the sights of London.

Without the kind generosity of people like yourselves, we would be unable to offer such necessary respite holidays to the children from Belarus and Ukraine who are still living in areas contaminated by the fallout from the 1986 disaster.

Thank you again, it really is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Kathy Orme
Publicity & Fundraising Co-ordinator, Joint Chair,
Mid-Surrey Link Chernobyl Children's Life Line

Speedy response and professional ability to recognise our needs

"Hi Jenny,

Can I just write to say a huge 'thanks' from both the TTRA and myself personally for all the help and assistance you and the team gave us yesterday afternoon / evening that went toward making our Port of London Challenge possible. It is sometimes overlooked that the people behind the scenes make as much effort as those in the forefront of operations. Not this time!

Well done. Everyone said that they enjoyed the punctuality and willingness to assist exhibited by the crew aboard Salient. Personally I'd also add my gratitude to you for your speedy response and professional ability to recognise our needs and then act on them as swiftly as you did."

Kind regards,
Roger Gould
Secretary & Treasurer for the TTRA

The boat trip being the highlight

Thanks Jenny,
Feedback from everyone was really positive with the boat trip being the highlight. Such a shame about the weather but you just can’t guarantee these things!
Thanks very much with your help with the event.

We'll definetely recommend the Salient to our friends in London

Dear Jenny

"Apologies for taking some time in sending you a note of thanks. Last friday, we had a very good time on the Salient and the party has been great- the captain and skipper very nice, professional and attentive. We'll definetely recommend the Salient to our friends in London for future parties."

Many thanks and kind regards


Thank you for all your help

Hi Jenny and Don,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in organising the boat trip yesterday, the children absolutely loved it. Please could you pass on our thanks to all the staff on the boat, they were extremely pleasant and helpful. We will definitely be re-booking for next year.
Many thanks again
Mrs Anne Washington
Deputy Headteacher, Priory CE Primary

50th Birthday Party

Dear Jenny,
Thank you so much for all the help you gave me for my 50th birthday party. We had an absolutely
wonderful party and one that will be remembered by all for a long time to come. From the initial booking to the end of the party that evening everything ran so smoothly and the crew were helpful and looked very smart.

Looking forward to the next party! Well done to you and all your staff.

Kindest Regards,
Jean Shrimpton

Circular Cruise

Hello everyone!
My pupils and I just missed our booked boat last Wednesday by a few minutes because of the awful London traffic. The lady at the booking booth was EXTREMELY helpful and contacted first the boat that had just left and then she managed to put us on another boat, that stopped just for us at "St. Katherine's Pier". I would like to express my deep thankfullness for all you did for us!

Thank you very much!!! The next time I am booking again with your company!

Kind regards
Felicitas Ochotta-Grundmann

Childrens Birthday Party

Dear Jenny,
I am writing to thank you so much for making my granddaughters party so successful. I was personally very sceptical about having a childrens birthday party on a boat. However to see the delight on their faces and the fact they were safe and so very excited about having a party on a boat on the River Thames made it truly worthwhile.

The ease in which we were able to organize the party and the punctuality of the boat arriving at the pier made life so much easier. The crew were also delightful and helpful considering they had a rather boisterous group of children.
Many thanks once again.

Kind regards,
Irene Spicer

30th birthday

Dear Jenny,
I would just like to thank you for all your help, making my 30th birthday so easy to organize. Apart from my initial input everything was taken care of making it all the more delightful.

My Guests were terribly impressed with the Salient and how well the Crew greeted them in a friendly and professional manner. We were as you know fortunate with the weather and this and the great food made an evening to remember. We have an absolutely fantastic evening.
Many thanks for your help again.

Charlotte Budd

Testimonial from Towers Thompson Ltd

Dear Jenny
I just wanted to e-mail you to thank you so much for all your assistance both before the event and on the day, it really was very much appreciated. Doug really enjoyed his retirement lunch and as he is a keen sailor the Salient was a very fitting venue for the event. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all your staff who assisted in making it a memorable and enjoyable event for Doug. Thank you so much once again.

Kind Regards
Nicola Thompson
Towers Thompson Ltd

12 March 2015

Testimonial from

Thanks Jenny.

Just to re-iterate my message on the phone to you today. Please pass on my thanks to everyone at Crown River you were all brilliant and we had a wonderful time on Sunday. It couldn't have been better. Special thanks of course to you, throughout the whole booking process your helpfulness and good humour really made it a pleasure to deal with the company.

Many many thanks,
Jane O'Keeffe

01 August 2012

Testimonial from

Thanks Jenny.

I was going to write to you today but you beat me to it. Saturday night was amazing. The boat looked great, the crew were so lovely and friendly and the girls on the bar where amazing. They couldn't have been more helpful. Everything went like clockwork and the evening couldn't have been more easy to run or more successful for us. As you know, we have worked with many companies on the river, and yours is streets ahead of the lot of them. Thank you so so much for everything. We particularly appreciated the sunshine you Laid on for us after that ghastly rainy day!


Julia Melinck Glanville

Testimonial from D.E.R - Funeral Hiring of the Sarpedon

In mid November last year(2012) I received a telephone call from a perspective client who asked, “do you do funerals”? My initial response would have been to say no, but I did ask hime to elaborate a little more as I was not quite sure what he had in mind. He said “ I would like to bring the casket on-board and go up the river” I asked , “ do you mean a Casket containing ashes on-board to take somewhere “, “no he replied, I mean a full sized casket”. Do you mean a coffin I asked, he replied “ yes”. I asked him if he had discussed this possibility with his Undertakes, which he replied “yes”. I explained that I would need to discuss the planes with his Undertakes, and subject to everything being practical and legal, I would be prepared to be of service to him. He asked what sort of boat we would offer him, I told him one of our traditional Thames Tourist passenger boats.

I established that he lived in West London, and was available to make an immediate trip to Westminster Pier to view the potential boat (the “Sarpedon”) that I was considering using to undertake the proposed trip should it come to fruition. I telephoned the Master of the “Sarpedon” to advise him of the likelihood of a client turning up at Westminster Pier to view the boat as the vessel was due there to start its first scheduled trip down to Greenwich. About three quarters of an hour after my call to the “Sarpedon” i received a cal from the Master to say that a gent had arrived and was delighted with what he saw, and was now on his way to my office at Blackfriars Pier. Just a short time later the bell rang, my potential client had arrived. I opened the door and was confronted by a gent, probably around fifty years of age, dressed in a red velvet suit, red corduroy shoes, a red and white baseball cap, with a backpack slung over his shoulder. Somehow, not quite what I was expecting. he introduced himself and started to describe what he had in mind.

His mother, ( the occupant of the coffin) had “passed away” some six weeks or so ago, in September, he told me. This attempt to lay his mother to rest was his third try. It seems his mother was fascinated by the River Thames, and had requested that on her “passing” she would be given that last possible Thames river cruise. I asked when he anticipate making the “cruise” and was told “in three days time, subject to certain conditions prevailing at the Home Office” . It appears that he had applied to have his mother interned in a grave in North west London Cemetery which already had two person buried there. It seems that the grave was only suitable for two persons, and to accommodate a third person, needed to have the two coffins temporally exhumed, the grave dub deeper and the two original coffins placed back into the deeper grave before “ mother” could be placed in the grave.

Permission to exhume the bodies, be it only for a few hours, needed Home Office permission, and this had taken time resulting in a third date being set for “mother” to be “laid to rest”. Truly, I felt sorry for the man and re-assured him that I would do everything possible in order to fulfil his promise to his mother within the three day period he had available. I did advise him once again that I needed to speak to his Undertakers by no later than the next day, he assured me that that would be a mere formality, they were exceptional in their capabilities, they being the “Royal Undertakers”. I did receive a call from the Undertakers, ( Leversons ) the following morning and explained the situation regarding the tide level, the gradient of the brow, and access to the boat with the coffin. they were exceptional. Within an hour a representative arrived at the pier, and the potential problems were discussed and smoothed out.

My client had now rang to ask if he could invite a musician to accompany him on-board on the day of the “cruise” along with the minimal number of mourners that he was expecting to attend on the day, I was subsequently contacted by an electric harpist that had been invited to attend. on the morning of the “cruise”, I awaited the arrival of the hearse with just one accompanying limousine, “Mothers’ coffin was placed on a very practical trolley and majestically wheeled down the brow, then boldly but gracefully carried on-board the “Sarpedon”. The boat departed from the pier to make a single round trip from Blackfriars up through Westminster Bridge to pass the Houses of Parliament then to turn to go down to pass the Tower of London, before returning to Blackfriars Pier. Being Thames Waterman and doing something exceptional, there are occasions when humorous opportunities occur, this one being no exception, from the bridge of the departing “Sarpedon”, the resounding voice of the Captain was clearly head to ask if a commentary had been requested as it was not on his orders?.

Whilst the son, who was busily playing his Cello, accompanied by the music of his female harpist, the “Sarpedon” gracefully eased off into the mid stream of the river to fulfil a mothers “last request”. the undertakers representative that had remained at the pier with me had received a message from the cemetery to confirm that the grave had now been dug, and the two original occupants had been replaced into the grave and everything was now ready to accept the third coffin.

Whilst the undertakers “rep” and I awaited the return of “Sarpedon” he explained that after “mother” had been replaced back into the hearse, they were to undergo a brief tour of Central London, to go off west along Victoria Embankment, up Northumberland Avenue to turn into the Mall to pass Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey to turn left to pass east-bound along Victoria Embankment again, to pass Blackfriars Per once again, in up Upper Thames Street, before eventually turning left to head back to pass St. Paul’s cathedral to head into Fleet Street for a final brief service at St Brides Church before heading off across to the Cemetery in North West London where a much loved mother was to be placed at rest by a devoted son.

I felt a honour to assist someone who was so dedicated to following the express wishes of his mother to the extreme end.


Testimonial from Agata Henderson, Project Secretary

Dear All,

Thank you very much for an help with organisation of our small party.

Busses were perfectly on time, boat is fantastic, a!I staff was lovely and amazingly friendly, food was superb, and all magic from Adam is subject of conversations today.

Thank you all for your great services and hopefully we will meet soon on some other occasion.

Kindest Regards,

Agata Henderson
Project Secretary

Testimonial from Heidi Berwick

Dear Jenny,

We would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort. We had a splendid evening and if we decide to do another event like that, Ian has said that he will use your company again.

Once again many thanks


Testimonial from T C Motors

Hi Jenny,

Just wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance that you gave us to help ensure that our wedding day was perfect.

It certainly was. Nobody guessed where they were going until they arrived at the Pier. Everybody had a fantastic time.

The Boat looked great, the staff were brilliant. The food was excellent. David and his team were great.

Both Tony and I have asked ourselves was there one thing we could have done to make it better, we couldn't think of not one!!!!

The band was great. We were just so lucky with the weather.

Once again many thanks from both of us for all that you have done to make our special day a memorable one.

Kind Regards
Ann & Tony